Why Buy from Clark Ford in Amory, Mississippi?

At Clark Ford, we understand that Northern Mississippi and Alabama consumers like you lead busy lives and have particular needs. At the same time, we realize there are many places you can go to shop for the car, truck or SUV you so dearly need, and they sell many of the same Ford models we do. If you're looking for one good reason to buy a Ford here instead of somewhere else, we'll do you four better.

  1. The men and women at the top of Clark Ford come to work every day and are available to staff and customers alike for questions and additional assistance. Unlike other dealerships, if you call to speak to the owner, you'll speak with the owner -- period.
  2. Clark Ford has won the Ford President's Award for customer service for multiple years in a row, and our dealership was the only one in the state of Mississippi to win the President's Award and the One Ford Elite award in 2012.
  3. We tailor our auto service to your needs. Left your vehicle in our shop overnight for repairs? We'll give you a free loaner until it's done. Can't physically get to Clark Ford to order service? We'll pick up local customers, and we'll return your vehicle to you when it's done. Need to get work done or kill time while you wait for your car to be complete? Take advantage of our free Wi-Fi, DirecTV and refreshments.
  4. Every time you bring the vehicle you purchased from us back for maintenance or warranty-related repairs, we'll wash it for you free of charge.
  5. Customers who visit Clark Ford get good Ford vehicles, better deals than they expected and the best we can possibly offer in customer service and sales satisfaction. Our employees are proud of our dealership and can't wait to become your dedicated automotive resource.

For these reasons and many more, our Amory, MS Ford dealership is the only dealership you'll ever need. Visit us today and see for yourself!